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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – F1

Now I’ve got a blog and am actually attempting to write stuff, I thought I’d start posting a bit of some of my travels. As I’m not doing much at the moment I’ll have a look back at some travels from the past, and what better place to start that Kuala Lumpur!

Back in 2013, I was travelling a lot, and whilst in Singapore, some mates and I decided to pop over to KL and watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

We flew into KL from Singapore. I think you’re in the air for about 30 mins, give or take. We flew Air Asia, and it was about $15 each way. Unbelievable.

Soon as we landed, we jumped into a taxi and headed to the circuit. The taxi driver thought it was ok to read his newspaper during the trip. It was terrifying

The circuit is close by to the airport so we were there in no time.

The entrance to the KL track is pretty impressive

Walking around an F1 circuit is awesome. There are loads to see and do. At KL, as everywhere, they had a load of old cars on display. It was cool to get right up close to a Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Check out the curves on this Williams BMW – F1 cars are art, in my mind

I wasn’t a fan of these old Red Bull colour schemes though. Kinda dull colours.

The good thing about practice days at F1 is that you can walk around the whole circuit. I managed to get right opposite the pit lane action and got some close-ups of Lewis leaving the pits. I am a BIG Lews Hamilton fan.

And I spotted Nico Rosberg going for a walk

After strolling around the circuit for a couple of hours, we jumped in a taxi and headed to the city. We were staying in a Hilton. Once checked in, it was time to head out and see some sights.

First stop, where else but the Petronas Towers

If I’m honest, I’ve never quite understood why buildings are tourist attractions, but it seems like the thing to do. As buildings go, these were pretty impressive. Looking up at them I thought about Tom Cruise having a bit of bother in them during one of the Mission Impossible films.

As is customary, we also had some drinks. I managed to find a bar that had a beer which was bigger than my head. Needless to say, I was battered after working my through a couple of these!

After a couple of big beers, things got a bit blurry. I do remember eating some food on the street, which was like a party street and really fun.

I also remember going to Beach Bar, which really did feel like a beach bar, but is in the middle of the city with no water in sight. It was fun, but I don’t have any pictures of that.

All I remember is ending the night, at about 4am in the VIP lounge of a club in the building of the Hilton. No idea what it was called, but they treated us real nice. The reason we ended up in VIP is that we had shorts on. No shorts allowed in this club, so the management decided the best bet was to put us in the VIP area!

It was great fun and we made some friends, but I don’t have pictures of that! Here’s one of me and my mate Sonic enjoying an (expensive) VIP beer

Seeing as we partied hard, the next morning my brother, who was on the trip with us, decided we should go and see a temple.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a terrible drunk ( 2 beers wonder) and even worse hangover. So I was well pleased when we arrived at the temple to find a couple of stairs that needed navigating to get to the entrance. Nightmare.

On the way up, there are loads of monkeys chilling out on the stairs. That made it a bit easier as I love monkeys. They’re such funny animals, they just make me smile.

Once you get up to the top there’s some big stuff which I didn’t quite understand, but it looked cool

I was obviously feeling very rough that day, as I didn’t take many photos, and have no recollection of what the place was called or what its purpose was. I’m glad I went to see it, but will probably have to go back to get the full experience.

The rest of the day was spent shopping for shit I didn’t need. KL is great for shopping.

At some point, I did take this picture looking over the city, but I can’t remember where it was taken from. I guess that’s why you should write blogs as they happen, not 6 years later.

Sunday is race day, so back to the track we headed

We had seats right on the first corner, looking straight down the pit straight

It was a great vantage point to catch some action

A couple of laps into the race, Fernando Alonso totalled his car right in front of us. Great news for me, as at the time I wasn’t the biggest fan of his due to his behaviour as a teammate to Lewis back in 2007. I think Fernando is great now, and sorely missed in F1, but at the time I admit I was pleased he was out of the race.

Sadly on the day, it wasn’t a Lewis win. The prize went to Sebastian Vettel. It was a great race though.

Once it was over, it was time to say goodbye to KL and head back to Singapore.

It was only a 3-day trip and it was a blurry drunken mess. We did see some of Kuala Lumper and I remember it being loads of fun, but I didn’t really get a full taste of Malaysia and it’s awesome people.

Years ago I did some work for Visit Malaysia, the Malaysian Tourist Board, so I know it’s people and appreciate KL is not representative of the country as a whole. It’s a big developed city with everything that brings.

Now that an F1 race is no longer held in KL on my next visit I’ll head out into the country and islands to get a proper taste of everything this great country can offer.

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