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Quedlinburg, Saxony-Anhalt

Now I live in Germany I’m trying to get out and about and see some of my new home country. Although I’d travelled through Germany before when I used to tour as a musician, it was always fleeting visits with no time to really see anything.

To get me started on my exploration I asked some colleagues at work where was good to go and visit. A lot of them mentioned Quendlinburg, which is about an hours drive away, so was scheduled in as my first trip into the wilderness

Quedlinburg is a small town in the Harz, in the Saxony-Anhalt state and from what I can make out is made up of a market square and a castle, and housing surrounding the centre of the town.

The town itself is very pretty and relaxed. The main square is huge and surrounded by quaint shops and traditional German restaurants. You get a lovely schnitzel here for sure!

There’s a river running through the town which offered some lovely views of buildings. It’s not a river you could go on a boat ride through, from what I could tell, but it was pretty.

Walking around the town is lovely. If I didn’t have the kid and mother in toe I would have loved to have sat down and enjoyed a beer watching the world go by.

The buildings have obviously been around a while, and the architecture is typical German. It’s a lovely look.

A short walk away from the market square is the castle. It is massive! I have no idea why such a small town needs such a big castle, but it is there in all its glory sitting atop a hill.

To get to it you have to walk up some small narrow streets lined with shops and ice cream parlours. Germans do love their ice cream, and so does the kid and Granny

It is a lovely looking town

And it was great fun wandering around with the kid looking at all the shops

There are lovely little streets walking up the gentle hill to the castle grounds

Once you get up to the castle, it really is a shock the size of it. It’s really old too. I do wonder how they built these kinds of buildings 600 off years ago.

There’s a little cafe on the grounds and some gardens which give you fantastic panoramic views on all sides.

From one side you can see right over the town

And fro the other you can see over the German countryside. Spectacular

You can see down into some gardens of houses that surround the castle at the bottom of the hill. It must be great living here

There’s a small courtyard in the centre of the castle where you can enter the tour

We opted to do the door which was very reasonably priced, about 5 EUR each, and as with everywhere in German, free for kids.

I didn’t take loads of pictures inside, but it was an interesting enough place to visit. You could see the living quarters and go down into the basement.

My only real complaint is that as with most museums or attractions I’ve been to in Germany, the written description of artefacts are only in German, so it’s difficult to know what things actually are. Another reason for me to improve my German!

Not the most inspiring pictures I know, sorry about that. If you want to know more about the Quedlinburg castle I guess you’ll have to go!

Overall I loved Quedlinburg, it is a really lovely town and I highly recommend a visit if you’re every in the area.






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