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2019 – Round 4

Despite being sick for over a week, like proper man flu sick, I thought I was better on the weekend so I went out and shot a round of golf. I booked the round on Friday and I’d arrange to meet up for nine holes with a chap I’d met and spoken to on Instagram a couple of times, who’s a member of the course I play. It was my first time playing with a real-life German I didn’t know… exciting!

Thankfully Andreas could speak great English so language wasn’t a problem. Unfortunately, he was way better at playing golf than he led on, so destroyed me over our nine holes of match play!

Anyway, it was nice to play with someone new and I will definitely be playing a round with him again soon.

My golf for the day was ok, I was hitting the ball fairly well, but as you can see from my score, it was all bogey golf. I didn’t quite hit fairways and didn’t quite hit greens, making it tough to score properly. It was fun though.

I used the new bag I bought last year, and I stand corrected on my previous statements. That bag is way too heavy to be carrying around a golf course. Soon as I got home my clubs went back into the old lightweight trusty.

I’ll also listen to my doctor next time when he tells me no heavy lifted or too much walking, nothing but rest. I was absolutely ruined after the round and spent the next two days in bed recovering, mainly from the man flu, but mostly from the golf.






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