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Krakow, Poland

Poland has always been on my list of places to visit. I have many Polish friends back in the UK and have new ones now I’m living in Leipzig. I’ve listened to them tell me how great Poland is over the years, so when the opportunity presented itself to head to Krakow for work I jumped at the chance!

It was to be a flying visit, arriving in the morning, working all day and then dinner with our supplier in the evening, and maybe some drinks!

It was a short flight to Krakow from London Stanstead on Ryanair. I didn’t get any time for photos during the day as we were in an office block on the outskirts of the town.

However, once the work was done we headed into the town centre for dinner. It was February so snow was on the ground, and it was a really beautiful site.

Krakow, Poland - Simon Simon Does

The town centre itself features very old architecture and little lanes and green spaces. It was very peaceful and just how I’d imagined.

Krakow, Poland - Simon Simon Does

We ate in a restaurant which was overlooked by Wawel Castle which provided a spectacular backdrop to our dinner. Wawel Castle is one of the oldest in Poland and dates back to the 13th Century.

Krakow, Poland - Simon Simon Does

The food was great and plentiful. As to be expected there was plenty of meat and beer! Once we’d finished up and was well lubricated we decided to continue the celebrations in the local bars.

Walking through the town centre, in the snow was great. It’s such a beautiful place.

Krakow, Poland - Simon Simon Does

The main town square is stunning.

Krakow, Poland - Simon Simon Does

We had to stop for a selfie with our new Polish friends we’d be working with over the next year.

Krakow, Poland - Simon Simon Does

I lost track of photos after this one. The bars in Krakow are great, and it’s difficult to explain how cheap, but they are very very very cheap. As a Londoner, I was a bit confused on my first round!

Honestly, although it was a flying visit, I was seriously considering moving to Poland. It’s a beautiful country, the people are great and the cost of living is worlds apart from the UK!

I haven’t had the opportunity to head back yet, but I will definitely be seeing more of Poland over the coming years. Have you ever been and got some recommendations of where my next visit should be?


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