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I quit smoking! Belly Busting is back on…

A couple of weeks I go I finally managed to give up smoking and am just about to hit the 16-day mark. I’ve given up smoking loads of times, but this time it seems to have stuck. Fingers crossed.

In my efforts to quit in the past I’ve been to Allan Carr’s clinic (twice) which worked for a bit, but not for long, so this time I just went cold turkey. It seems to have worked so far, with me passing the ultimate test with flying colours on Friday night when I got absolutely horribly drunk with my mates who all smoke, in bars that you can smoke inside of, and I didn’t touch one! Wasn’t even tempted, as far as I can remember!

So here’s to 16 days smoke-free!

One of the knock-on effects of not smoking, apart from generally feeling more healthy and having more energy is that I have loads more time on my hands. Previously if I had a spare minute or two I’d have a cigarette to pass the time, but now I just crack on with things which leaves me with oodles of free time to pursue other activities.

Because of this, I’ve been getting back in to exercise. Despite my previous efforts with running, I just can’t seem to motivate myself to do that so I’ve decided swimming and cycling will be my main focus.

I’m not the best swimmer, but on Sunday I managed a 600-meters, which I was well happy with. I had to stop a lot, but this was a record for me. I’ve been since, but have decided I’ll blog about fitness on a weekly basis, so I’ll save this weeks efforts until next week!

I’ll also make this my first weigh-in, which is currently 75.83kg.

My target weight is 68-70kg. Let us see how long it takes to get there…

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