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Cospudener See, Leipzig

Cospudener See, or Cossi as some like to call it, is a lake made up from an old mine to the south of Leipzig. I discovered it on a cycle when I first moved to Leipzig and was looking for things to do, and in the two years since it’s become one of my favorite places in the city to visit.

Cospudener See, Leipzig

There are two reasons why I visit the Cossi, the first is for fitness. It is just over 10km around the lake, and there is a tarmac path all the way around it, weaving between the forested area to beaches. This is great for cycling, running or rollerblading. It does get busy during a hot day, but if you go early in the morning it is quiet and tranquil so you can get some speed up on the bike! I took the photo above on my most recent bike ride around the lake, at 7am last Monday morning.

Cossi is only 25 minutes from the city center of Leipzig, and even closer from my house. There’s a number of ways you can get there; There’s a car; with plenty of parking spaces, tram, bus, or cycle and walk. If I’m going for fitness I ride, and it’s about 10 minutes for me to get there, and if I’m going for the second reason I visit, which is to hang with my kid, I take the tram and a bus, which takes about 20 minutes. The bus drops you right at the lake’s edge. Either way, I get there, I always approach via the tree-lined avenue below. Cospudener See, Leipzig

The lake is surrounded by beaches and play parks for kids, along with fields for dog walkers and BBQ’s. Great for flying kites on a windy day or having races with the little one

Cospudener See, Leipzig

Some of the beaches are sand and some are stoned, so if you want to practice your skimming on the water there’s a place for you to do that.

Cospudener See, Leipzig

And away from the beaches and play areas there’s is wooded areas where you can head off on adventures looking for travel. This is one of my favorite things to do with the kid, although it gets expensive as you have to provide your own treasure to find!

Cospudener See, Leipzig

Once you’ve had enough skimming, running, kite flying and treasure hunting you can head around to the Marina area where there are some restaurants for refreshments or a meal, a place to grab a beer, relax and take in the views.

Cospudener See, Leipzig

If you’re feeling particularly energetic, in the summer season you’re able to hire bikes to cycle around the lake, which take the form of kinda car bikes, that 2 or 4 people can pedal. There’s a seat in the front you can chuck your kid in, and head off around the whole lake. You rent by the hour, and it’s about 25EUR and can be fun. We’ve only done this the once, and I’ll warn you, you can’t dilly dally about. An hour is not a long time to get around on a slow bike with great views to distract you at every turn!

Cospudener See, Leipzig

Finally, before you leave, you can take in one of the great sunsets on offer!

Cospudener See, Leipzig




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