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First time in Paris!

Back in 2008 or so, I was on holiday in middle France with my regular travel buddy, Jez. We were on a campsite, which I’ll be blogging about in the future, and we wanted to watch the Formula 1 race which was on that weekend. Despite being given permission to mess with the TV in the campsite we couldn’t get the Qualifying on, and in our wisdom decided the only thing to do was to drive to Paris as we were sure to find a TV that showed the race there.

So, with no plan, no hotel or idea what to do, we packed up our tent and drove the 300 miles north to Paris!

On arrival into the city, we decided to take on the famous Arc de Triomphe roundabout. If you going to arrive, you might as well arrive in style, am I right?

Paris, France

It wasn’t difficult to drive around, to be honest

We then parked up and went for a walk along the river and took in some sights.

We found this lovely building covered in plants.

Paris, France
And of course, went down to the Eiffel Tower and hang out in the park. It was a lovely weekend, and nice to finally meet the tower I’d seen some much of on TV and films over the years. As with most things, it’s smaller than you think it would be

Paris, France
We basically hung out at the park under the tower for the rest of the afternoon

We attempted to grab some arty selfies, which I don’t think where even a thing back then.

It was well chilled resting in the park.

Then it was time to find a hotel. We found a Formula 1 hotel, which is a chain in France, which was cheap and serviceable. I have no idea where it was in the city, as we just followed sat nav to it. Once checked in, we went out to some local bars and got completely drunk and spoke to some French people, which was lots of fun.

Despite everything you hear, the people of Paris are lovely.

Paris, France

Paris, France

Above, I seem to explain something quite important by waving my hands around.

The night was quite drunken, I will admit. The next morning we were completely ruined and totally forgot our reason for driving to Paris in the first place, which was to find a bar to watch Formula 1. We packed up, checked out of our hotel and drove back to London. A little poorer, but a little more cultured.


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