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Belly Busting, June wk3

Monday 17th

I had a rest day. My body was ruined after last weeks efforts!

Tuesday 18th

Tuesday I went out and played golf, which is a good old exercise. I played well too, but got a bit tired towards the end of the round as it was 32 degrees sunshine! Still, really enjoyed it.

Wednesday 19th

Skipped out for a lunch time swim today. I was hoping to do 1000m but got held up on my way out the office, so only had time for 500m

I changed my breathing to every 3 strokes to alternate sides and I managed to up my speed which was a nice surprise

Thursday 20th

I was travelling this day so no time for exercise.

Friday 21st

This is my birthday so no workouts! I did spend 4 hours in the pool with my kid playing though, so I’m sure I burnt some calories.

Saturday 22nd

I got up early today and went for a run. I haven’t run for ages but it’s been on my mind and being on holiday with no bike provides the perfect excuse.

Running used to be my exercise of choice back in the day. I ran a marathon once. Trouble is my knees are shot and I actually hate running!

Still, I was aiming for a 5k and came up just short because I planned my route wrongly. I also took a bit longer than I’d have liked because I kept stopping to take photos. Doh

I then attempted an open water swim in the sea. I’ve never done that before, and I have to say, I hated it! There was fish everywhere, the sea is really salty and the currents and waves make it much more difficult that swimming in a pool!

I gave up pretty sharpish. I’ll try again though as I’m sure it’s something you get used too. Maybe.

Sunday 23rd

I tried to do a swim today in an outside pool, but the gps was all over the place and there was kids everywhere.

Basically, I did 15 mins and gave up. Doh.


It’s been a good week still. What with walks and swimming with the kid, I’ve managed to close all my rings every day on the watch and win my weekly competition with my mate for the second week running

Not Smoking

As for the not smoking, I’m on day 28! There have been times when I’ve wanted one whilst away but having the energy to play with my kid all day is far more valuable than a cigarette with a beer. I’m very happy to have made it this far…



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